Targeted Performance

Targeted Performance is the targeted optimization of online advertising in real-time

The dynamic targAdComposer makes it possible to change campaigns or individual campaign elements around the clock in real-time thereby increasing their efficiency. Current reporting data allows the customer to recall and analyze the effectiveness of individual display ads anytime. Monitor and optimize your marketing investment and return on advertising spending (ROAS) even during the campaign flights.

Everything is possible without programming expenses or special software. The campaigns are displayed online in an easy-to-use system. A single link is sufficient for publishing instead of uploads of numerous versions as previously. Simplify your work processes and save time and money. This is how online advertising becomes simple yet effective.

  • Real-time Optimization: increase effectiveness while campaign is running
  • Targeted Reporting (ROI, conversion rates, CPX, leads, click rates, clicks, ad impressions etc.)
  • Unlimited number of ad variations through real-time generation
  • Publish all ads in real-time via a single link
  • Save resources
  • Manage campaigns easily via one system
  • No programming know-how required