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mashero increases the efficiency of your display ads through personalization.

The dynamic targAdComposer is a software developed by mashero that makes the design of individualized real time-optimizable online advertisement possible, independent of marketers.

The application may be used with all targeting tools (including Re-Targeting and CRM-connection/-linkage) and allows the advertiser to tailor online ads to an unlimited number of target groups.

The dynamic targAdComposer gives the individual the power to plan and manage online campaigns in a single system. It is online-based and requires no additional software. Furthermore, continuous updates are free therefore no additional investment is needed.

The bottom line for your display ads:

  • Minimal divergence loss
  • Maximum campaign efficiency
  • Profit-oriented budget allocation

The dynamic targAdComposer for the design of dynamic display ads:

  • Upload and edit content
  • Editing of rich media (picture, film, audio, text, animation)
  • Adjust ad formats to pixel accuracy
  • Define formats
  • Link external targeting-data, databases or SEM/SEO-data
  • Utilize already existing targeting-data (e.g. geo-targeting, weather, time)
  • Place ad media
  • Edit and optimize ad media in real time
  • Measure performance via the Reporting-Tool
  • No archiving of user profiles
  • No archiving or readout of cookies


Features mashero Market Standard
Targeted Performance
Real-time Optimization Optimize existing display ads in real-time Feature available Feature available
Recommendation-Tool that optimizes design automatically based on success data Feature available
Reporting Analyze individual display ads according to various success criteria (click, view time, marketer, trigger) Feature available
Real-time Generation Re-Targeting of all banner components possible Feature available Feature available
Link to existing data sets (e.g. CRM, stores/ branches, retailers) Feature available
Targeted Creativity
Planning Implement media strategy via targeting-based banner design Feature available Feature available
Ad banners recallable on all display devices (Flash, HTML, Mobile) Feature available
Organization Manage and optimize all online campaigns via one web-tool Feature available
Publish unlimited number of banner variations via one embed-link on the fly Feature available
Free Creation Design possibilities for all popular data formats (picture, video, audio, animation) Feature available Feature available
Use existing templates or customize your own Feature available

* in development

Data Privacy Protection

Our service does not collect data but utilizes existing data services. Nonetheless (or perhaps therefore) data privacy protection is a maxim that is entrenched in our company culture. Our web tool accesses existing targeting and search engine data and uses it for creative advertising media. Without the correct handling of data our service is unimaginable. Our existance is based on the trust from our customers and business partners to handle their data stock sensibly and protect it from misuse. With regards to this point there are no ifs, ands or buts for us!

The data used by mashero consists of user profiles of targeting partners that have been made anonymous and contain no personal information. Mashero itself does not store user profiles or cookies nor are they read out via the web tool.

Contact responsible for data protection laws:

mashero GmbH
Urbanstraße 116
10967 Berlin