Customer Advantage

Personalize your display ads with mashero and make them relevant – for each of your target groups. Your campaigns are better perceived and accepted by users and thereby result in higher click and conversion rates. This is how you significantly improve your return on advertising spending (ROAS).

This is how you profit from the dynamic TargAdComposer:

Instantly track your performance. BOOST EFFECTIVENESS by optimizing your banners while the campaign is active.
Have COMPLETE CONTROL over the impact of your advertising: whenever and whereever, for any banner, IN REAL TIME and of course target group-specific.
During broadcast, banners are assembled in real-time. Send an UNLIMITED NUMBER of banner variations easily via only ONE LINK to the marketer.
INDIVIDUALLY design your campaign per target group. Use and combine ANY AND ALL TARGET METHODS.
SIMPLIFY your work process by easily MANAGING all your campaign tools with one system.
Discover new POSSIBILITIES of creation: Freely design TARGET GROUP-SPECIFIC in all established file formats (Pictures, Video, Audio, Animation).

Here is what mashero brings to your campaign:

  • Deeper coverage of relevant target group
  • Improved advertising impact and target group communication
  • Increase of willingness to buy
  • Higher click rates
  • Enhanced conversion rate
  • Improved ROAS

mashero is web-based and usable on any device without the need for additional software. Free updates are provided continuously also with regards to your personal wishes. For the first time mashero makes management of all display ads possible via one system. The easy and intuitive handling of the dynamic TargAdComposer turns you into your own campaign manager without the need for programming know-how. In addition, the mashero experts are available to you for a media consultation anytime.

Here is what mashero does for your marketing:

  • Simplified work processes
  • Time and money savings
  • Full campaign control
  • Consultation with online marketing experts

mashero for companies, media planners, creatives

Your advantages as a company:

  • Close to target groups: knowledge about target groups will be integrated in personalized campaigns to increase ad impact significantly. mashero makes impactful and efficient online campaigns possible even on a small budget
  • Full control anytime through monitoring-function: direct feedback to display ads and 24/7 optimization
  • Considerably higher branding effect and click rates: divergence losses are a thing of the past and your ad budget will be deployed optimally

Your advantages as a media planner:

  • Improved transition from planning to creation: target group-knowledge of media planner is directly transfered to creatives
  • Simple and uncomplicated: set triggers and establish targeting definitions. Use all existing targeting systems or set custom triggers
  • Improved performance record: the reporting details how well each motive has been accepted

Your advantages as a creative:

  • More creative space for online advertising: address target groups individually via personalized advertising media
  • Creativity becomes part of targeting: creative performance becomes more important through personalization and is appreciated and valued higher
  • Spontaneity through real-time editing: good ideas and reactions to current events can be implemented immediately
  • Higher impact of campaigns: personalization results in stronger emotional involvement along with higher identification of the target group
  • Campaigns are designed ‚deeper‘ into the media plan: more influence for creatives on the campaign as a whole


Mashero provides detailed reporting of current performance data of your campaign anytime. This allows you to monitor and analyze the performance of your individual display ads and optimize them anytime. Reporting data may be monitored in real-time, also via mobile devices, thus giving you overview and control anytime anywhere.


  • ROI
  • Conversion rates
  • Click rates
  • CPX
  • Leads
  • Clicks
  • Ad Impressions