The importance of targeting will increase significantly in the future. We are convinced of that. It facilitates companies targeted one-on-one communication thereby increasing consumer ad acceptance. We deliver to our customers the ad application that makes their online ad investments work harder for them. Uncomplicated, flexible and resource-refficient. We pay great attention to technical excellence and the highest quality of our software products. And to a user-friendly handling that puts customer needs first and technical aspects second.


We cultivate the constructive dialogue between producers and consumers. We help every advertiser – from small business to corporation – to optimally utilize targeting and single-handedly plan, design, optimize and implement their display ads according to their target groups. This is how we intend to become the authority on individualized display marketing.


We want to become better every day whether it be in the development of our products, in the collaboration with our customers and in the interaction with partners and colleagues. For that we work passionately and never lose our curiosity.
We value the individuality of each employee. This includes using our diversity to learn from each other. In addition we promote communication to cultivate an open work atmosphere.
We respect the interests of each individual within the organisation. Therefore we do not support anything that would harm his or her personal rights.
We act with self-determination and independence. And always with integrity towards our customers, partners and employees. We believe this to be especially important for a young company.


Foto von Guido Brand (Managing Director)Guido Brand
Managing Director

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Foto von André Gräf (Director Research & Development)André Gräf
Director Research & Development

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Board of Advisors:

  • Uwe Schnepf: advises mashero in the area of technical development. He is the managing director of the streaming-provider nacamar. Uwe Schnepf works for more than 15 years in the area of new media and internet. The focus of his work has been the design and operation of technical and management components for the transmission of live audio and video data and on-demand via IP-supported connections for the Telekom AG amongst others. He is a founding member of the German IPTV-Association and also heads the research group IPTV at the German Internet Economy Association eco e.V.
  • Prof. Dr. Robert Strzebkowski: advises mashero in the area of development of technical innovations. He teaches ‘Autoren- und Rich-Media-Systeme’ at the Beuth University of Technology in Berlin in the department computer sciences and media. His research focuses on interactive rich media applications (online and mobile) as well as interactive TV (iTV / IP-TV / Hypermedia-TV). Here he oversees collaborative projects with ARD Digital in Potsdam, Media Broadcast GmbH, TV Next GmbH, Electronic Media School GmbH – Projekt XENON and others.


  • Nacamar: nacamar is a new media full service provider for the corporate group ecotel communications AG and offers business clients from the media industry new media as well as continuative internet and data services. Those who value high availability and high quality hosting and streaming of audio and video content, find the right partner in nacamar. A sales partnership has been established together with the streaming provider nacamar.
  • media.net berlinbrandenburg: media.net berlinbrandenburg is the interbranch alliance for companies in the creative economy within the capital city region – from music and film to TV and multimedia all the way to advertising and design.
    mashero participates in the exclusive mentoring and networking program media.netCATAPULT.